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Performance Driven Programs

Every program that we develop is established with Key Performance Indicator metrics to self-govern our performance.

This all starts with the in-depth understanding of the SaaS or retailer product offerings and their customer journey process where customer service plays into that role and how it works.

It is the only way to achieve the highest result possible. 

We hit KPIs & retain customers, increase your net promoter score while still providing the lifetime value that meets your expectations.

What differentiates us from other call centers is that we are very entrepreneurial, SMB focused and we’re always looking to build long term partnerships. 

Custom Built Campaigns

The point of a custom built program is to achieve the highest metrics or result for each customer service program that we manage. 

The key point is that we’re not going to be using a “Cookie Cutter” solution. We custom tailor programs specifically for your business model. It’s the only way that we can hit the KPIs that we want to hit and it’s the only way that we can do better than anyone else in the industry.

We will fully understand every facet of your business model and custom tailor a solution that gives you the best numbers and we will build out, for you, and we will hit those numbers

Dedicated Performance Experts

We are constantly working to grow and optimize your campaign, not just to set it and forget. 

The part of what separates us from other companies is that we leverage the training and the infrastructure of our management staff. From our team at BIGDOG PAYMENTS where we have experts in many facets of eComm, from marketing to operations, that will audit performance metrics seeking constant optimization of your project.

Incentivized Agents

The way that we compensate our agents is through KPI metrics reporting that is specifically tuned on a client by client basis to the points that are important for you the client. An “Agent score card” is produced everyday automatically through our systems and is emailed out to the agents so that they know how well they how well they do.


Once a week they get a recap scorecard, for all those KPIs, and it determines their pay rate for that week which means they are completely incentivized. It’s transparent to the client from a financial perspective as we have a flat rate billing model and the client does not absorb the cost of the insensitive as it’s built into our pricing model. We use that model in order to drive performance because we know as a service provider that we way you are going to measure us is based on how well our agents do.

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