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SaaS Customer Support

Reduce churn and increase customer value with 24/7 support as a service.

In SaaS, Customer Service is so important!

In SaaS or the subscription environment, there is nothing more important than quality customer success. Your customers are in a notably different situation than the common online retailer and require a much more specialized approach. BDP Call Center  knows this, and understand exactly what a SaaS omni-channel customer service experience should be like. Technically savvy retention agents will not only provide the type of customer support needed but work to retain and ensure brand loyalty.    

Tiered Agents

Different businesses require different levels of customer support agents. We know that your SaaS business requires a wide range of knowledgeable customer support agents from tech savvy to retention ready. Each tier has different roles and responsibilities and will conform, understand and be trained on your specific software and services. 

A platinum Service

BDP Call Center has raised the bar on SaaS support by offering a platinum-level of service for all of our clients. We will bring provider and deliver effective strategies that will expand your customer base and provide value to your existing customers. We build relationships based on trust and reliability, create a better user experience, greater lifetime value and create true customer personalization. 

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