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eCommerce Customer Support

"Customers who feel treated as individuals and with respect are generally more satisfied with their overall shopping experience, and thus, more inclined to remain loyal. Loyal customers buy more, purchase more frequently, cost less to serve, and have higher retention rates. Needless to say, loyal customers are very good for business."

Highly Trained Agents with a Holistic Approach to your business.  

Customer service is an integral part of the overall shopping experience - before, during and after the sale. The experience and quality of that customer service agent will greatly impact the customer's opinion and their continued loyalty. This is why BDP Call Center takes a holistic approach to your business to not only meet your needs and the needs of your customers but to improve the user experience, NPS (Net Promoter Score), increase lifetime value and to be present where your customers are. 

Personalized customer service for your clients

The big buzz word in retail right now if Personalization, you want your customers to feel as if you know them. BDP Call Center offers customer service communication channels that meet your customers preferences. To address customer needs, various forms of customer service interaction methods are offered, such as; phone, chat, email, text messaging, social media etc while creating that personalization and brand loyal customers. 

Increase Lifetime Value & User Experience

BDP Call Center will partner and act as an extension of your business. Beyond simply answering customer inquiries, we will undertake actions such as order taking, cross selling, up-selling and building the bond that creates customer loyalty. 

Some of our Services

  • Inbound & outbound calls

  • Email & chat services

  • Social media monitoring

  • Shared and dedicated agent groups

  • Cross sell & up sell

  • Billing inquiries

  • Multi-layer call routing

  • Marketplace management

  • Fraud monitoring

  • Warrantee & Rebate processing 

  • Returns Management

  • Continuity programs

  • Payment Processing

  • Order status, shipping & tracking

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