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President & CEO


Call Center Manager


Human Resource Manager


Lead Developer & Software Engineer 


Director of Business Development


Lead of Projects & Technology


Vice President of Sales


Lead Sniffer of lost snacks

Anthony P. Ferguson - Founder & Original BIGDOG

BDP Call Center was started by cultivating a diverse & hungry team with knowledge from over 30 years industry experience. Developing a cutting edge solution company in an ever changing landscape was no easy task in such a challenging field - emerging & evolving ecommerce solutions.


Now nearly 20 years later, BDP has found monumental success by leveraging long term relationships with banking partners, both domestically and internationally. This growth, knowledge and work ethic of excellence has given BDP Call Center the upper hand in creating industry changing call center solutions and the ability to approve low – high risk merchant accounts for any e-commerce merchant.

Merchant accounts, risk management, portfolio management, underwriting, analytics and the holistic approach to eCommerce is how BDP Call Center provides the landscape for eCommerce stability and growth.

Based on our existing industry relationships, we stay current on industry trends as it relates to all aspects of eCommerce. As well, we pull from these same partnerships to provide buying power on behalf of our clients. Additional we operate BDP Call Center that provides KPI driven custom built programs developed for optimal consumer experience and revenue growth opportunities. We pull from years of solid relationships with product manufacturing, fulfilment, branding, marketing, funnel optimization, affiliate EPC tracking and reporting to create a well-balanced ecosystem.

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