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Empowering today's e-commerce business
with innovative payment processing solutions

Connects to your existing help desk.

Our teams answer tickets from within your own help desk. You can always see what's happening, and we can maintain your existing workflow and processes.

Learn more about BDP Call Center and our ALL our help desk integrations.


Continuous training with added management layers.

Dedicated agents, added upper management layers and data analyst all working together for you.  
Our teams continuously provide training and updates to your customer service agents. One on one product training, understanding your business model, agent performance, lifetime value and brand reputation to name a few are on our list of priorities. 

Affiliate Marketing Customer Service

Result Driven!!

Boost revenue by utilizing BDP Call Center’s order recapture and lead generation campaigns by contacting web partials, abandons, calling, qualifying leads and cross-selling. 

Learn more about BDP Call Center works and our Omni Channel integrations.

We help companies scale & focus  on growth.

"BDP Call center has been amazing for us (KFM) as it frees our time and our minds to better focus on growing the business, while knowing that our customers are being fully supported and give the best experience possible."

Elastic pricing gives your business flexibility.

With elastic and scalable support, you only need to pay for support work as it happens. There are no fixed costs. So, when things get busy during a high sales period or during a product launch, you can maintain an excellent support experience. When sales slow down, our system automatically reduces volume.

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